WAVE PTX - Motorola Solutions

The Motorola WAVE PTX combines the broad coverage of Telstra with the ease of two-way radio communications.

Nationwide push-to-talk

Increase productivity with a nationwide push-to-talk network that powers fast setup and call times.

Easy to use and manage

Communicate instantly and manage your business effortlessly by handling talk groups and subscriptions in real time.

WAVE PTX web dispatch

Centralise your communication anywhere with web-based dispatching, integrated secure messaging, and location/mapping. Securely log in from any PC or mobile application to track fleet members, view location history, share locations, and much more.

Wave PTX Radio Gateway

Expand your communication capabilities by incorporating the Motorola WAVE PTX devices to your existing trunked LMR fleet with the Wave PTX Radio Gateway (WRG).

Key Benefits:
  • Incorporates wide area devices to your fleet without a complete hardware overhaul
  • Suitable for any DMR legacy systems
  • Simple to deploy

The WAVE Radio Gateway creates a two-way path between tradition LMR radios and the WAVE PTX cellular/broadband network devices. This allows communication between traditional radios operating on designated frequencies either in simplex mode or through a trunked repeater system with WAVE PTX push-to-talk cellular network devices. This is a cost effective solution that allows quick and easy access to wide area coverage where necessary. The WRG is simple to deploy, easy to use with a range of different devices, and provides excellent audio quality.

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