Put Safety First With
Anti-Collision Safety System

Protect personnel and discover the leading anti-collision safety system with proximity warning technology
What is SensorZone?

SensorZone is an audible and visual warning solution, built to minimise the risk of collisions between personnel and vehicles. The SensorZone system can be implemented in any environment where people and vehicles work within a close proximity.

Sensor Zone - Proximity Warning System How does it work?

SensorZone works by creating a detection zone around vehicles, machines, or restricted areas. When personnel wearing SensorZone tag (personal transponder) breach the detection zone, the machine operator and person wearing the tag are alerted allowing them to take appropriate action to avoid a dangerous collision.

Why SensorZone?

The purpose of SensorZone is to provide additional protection to personnel working in close proximity to moving machinery and to prevent any potential serious or fatal injuries.

Key Benefits:
  • Significantly lowering risk of vehicle collisions
  • Overall safer workplace
  • Increase personnel awareness & behavioural change
  • Assist productivity
  • Improved health and safety processes
Key Features:
  • High resolution beacon with an audio alert
  • Complete warning solution
  • Long lasting transponder (tag) life
  • Quick installation
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