Facilities and Facility Management

Building Management System | Telemetry | Reporting tools

The Facilities Management industry covers public and private sectors across a range of building types, from large format open facilities to multi-use towers. The goal however is essentially the same, which is to allow organisations to concentrate on running their business building or facility, controlling costs, and automating all non-core services/tasks.

Key factors:
  • Building function/s
  • Reducing response times
  • Automating tasks / reporting to remove human error and/or non-essential touch-points
  • Maintaining building integrity, cleanliness and functionality
  • Coordinating services

In the facility
Health and safety for personnel, building security, and integrity are key facets of facilities management. Two-way radios are used to coordinate facilities management services and processes, so it’s critical to deploy a robust and reliable solution. Quality communications help teams located in different parts of a site to effectively communicate and prioritise work, respond to situations, manage emergency situations, and maximise overall efficiency.

GPS and Indoor Location Services
GPS and indoor location services allow management to know where resources are in real time. This aids the efficient response to tasks or emergent situations. The reporting functionality and guard tour applications also ensure the team’s KPIs are met.

Telemetry allows users to remotely trigger a number of functions from opening gates/doors to adjusting air-conditioning and lighting. This increases functionality throughout the facility, and allows users to quickly respond to situations.

Alarm management

  • Triggered from multiple event sources including alarm panels, telemetry sources, and employee duress
  • Predefined responses allow you to gain situational awareness and act on emergent situations in a timely and professional manner
  • The solution can automatically escalate an event when a suitable response or action has not been actioned, ensuring you are in control of your venue at all times

Job Ticketing
Tasking staff and tracking these tasks in real time is essential to maintaining control of your facility. Reporting tools can also be integrated into your BMS (Building Management System) for real time job allocation, and live updating of these tasks.

Outside the Facility
Integration with your BMS allows you to automate the tasks, events, and reporting required to maintain a professional facility.