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With increased pressure within the retail industry to provide customers with a seamless experience, retailers are always looking for a point-of-difference which draws consumers to their centres. To meet the exacting expectations of well-educated customers, retail staff must be knowledgeable and well-informed and always ready to satisfy shoppers’ needs.

Discreet Communications
Radio communications often take place in areas which are noisy, making it hard to hear. To ensure staffing teams receive loud and clear communication, TechRentals can provide a wide range of audio accessories, from discreet surveillance-style devices to general audio earpieces with certain models enhanced with Bluetooth capability.

Incident Response
With centre management, engineering, cleaning, and security teams all operating on different channels within a shopping centre to maximise productivity and efficiency levels, it is vital that important safety or incident messages can be communicated within the centre. TechRentals can provide radios with a dedicated channel that joins a team of responders to communicate in the event of an emergency or incident.

Management Software
Real time data is becoming increasingly important to retailers. Having as much information as possible in order to manage a shopping centre is vital to the successful operation of the site. TechRentals provides management software which is an all-in-one solution featuring the benefits below:

  • Voice & Messaging Dispatch allows the control room operator to talk and message radio users through a PC, laptop, or tablet, removing bulky radios from work areas.
  • Voice Recording allows the control room operations and management to replay messages during important scenarios for review.
  • Private Calling allows control room operations to call one radio user without disrupting others.
  • Indoor Tracking can track the movement of all staff in real time regardless of their location, and provide regular reporting activities based on multiple rotations.
  • Job Ticketing allows the control operators to send a request to the nearest staff member so that an incident or ‘slip and fall’ is managed in a prompt and timely manner.
  • Worker Alerts such as duress, lone worker, and man down can be sent directly to the control room for action.
  • Exclusion Zones can be set up around the site and alerts can be sent to the control room if a radio user enters this area.
  • Sign in / Sign Out keeps track of who is using which radio communication device on a shift.

Immediate Equipment Replacements
Any downtime or loss of productivity is detrimental to the centre. If you purchased a radio that becomes faulty or damaged and needs to be sent away to the manufacturer for repair, it may take a number of weeks before it is returned. What are your options while it is being repaired?

1. Buy another unit at considerable cost?
2. A worker has no radio meaning they are less productive and therefore un-contactable

TR solves this problem by providing immediate replacements of all our radios, regardless of whether it is faulty or damaged. This reduces your downtime and ensures the Centre’s customer experience is pleasant and enjoyable.