Site Emergency Systems

Having quick notification of an incident can literally be the difference between life and death on work sites. Communications play a vital role in notifying the fire/emergency response team or the dedicated first aid person on site.

TechRentals provides a battery backed-up Nurse Call system housed in an IP67 enclosure which provides non-radio users the ability to speak directly to the dedicated site safety personnel with the simple push of a button.

The TechRentals Evac Box is a full site safety system and provides the following features:

  • Two-way radio communications
  • Alerts with site location details
  • PA speaker for announcements
  • Siren for evacuations

These solutions are perfect for commercial construction sites or permanent sites found in oil and gas, mining, power generation, warehousing, and manufacturing industries where worker safety is a high priority.

The systems can be installed in minutes and integrated with existing radios already used on site*.
*Current radios to be reviewed for suitability