Hearing Protection

Taking care of your health shouldn’t stop with your hearing.

Each year there are thousands of men and women who suffer due to insanely excessive noise exposure. Loud and extremely noisy environments are detrimental to hearing. The damage caused can be permanent to workers if they are not protected. It’s easy to overlook the health of your ears and the impact irreversible hearing loss will have on you.

The Importance of Hearing Protect

Permanent hearing damage represents a significant social and economic burden. This affects an estimated 1 million employees nationally in Australia due to the extremely loud, excessive, and harmful noise in their working environments.

Working in fields which require high intense labour or naturally loud environments, like a building site, are reasons that cause hearing loss and complications to many.

Clear Path of Communication

Miscommunication in loud work places is common due to the environment. Hearing protection is crucial to avoid common workplace incidents such as individuals performing the wrong task or failing to see hazards due to not hearing properly.

Long-Term Solution

Noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL) is preventable. Simply by wearing protective equipment you are able to significantly reduce the risk of irreversible hearing loss. Hearing protection eliminates the need to physically remove earmuffs and plugs, which can be exhausting when moving between worksites throughout the day.