Workflow Management | Discreet Communications | Coverage | Alarm Management

The most important factor in any hospitality venue is the guest experience. Each interaction with a guest from booking through to check-out has the potential to either positively or negatively impact their experience. This includes finer details, such as passing on messages for rooms to be prepared with special touches for guests, or ensuring that any communications about damage to a room is discreet.

Key factors:
  • Guest experience
    • Ensuring each touch-point is positive
    • Purpose built applications help you improve almost every touch-point of the customers’ journey
  • Workflow management
    • Tasks done on time
    • With Job Ticketing you can create, assign, track, and manage both scheduled and ad-hoc tasks, from timely turndown services to identifying and rectifying room maintenance issues
  • Discreet communications
    • Appropriate accessories
    • Bluetooth accessories allow employees to free-up their work spaces and move around
    • In ear accessories ensure internal communications are not broadcast to your guests
    • Discreet slimline devices add professionalism
  • Housekeeping challenges
    • Overcoming any language barriers
  • Coverage
    • Large format and multi-story venues typically have coverage challenges
    • Overcome coverage issues with repeater and RF distribution systems designed for your venue
  • Events and functions
    • Scalability
    • Timing and completion of tasks
    • During peak times such as Christmas, Easter, and school holidays, extra staff are employed to handle increased customer demands. TechRentals can quickly provide additional peak season radios on a short term rental basis to cover this busy period, which is more economical than purchasing or having staff without radios.
  • Managing Alarm and Emergent Events
    • Extended alarm management keeps you in control of your venue at all times

Applications to complement / achieve KPIs

  • Job Ticketing
    • Allows you to manage job assignments and everyday tasks in real time. The feature makes it possible for radio users to manage their tasks with a simple prede­fined responses menu, while management benefits from an effective and user-friendly tool to control business processes.
    • The dispatcher creates a new ticket or a ticket based on an existing one in the TRBOnet Job Ticketing Module. A radio user receives a task which is displayed in the MOTOTRBO Job Tickets menu. The user can simply accept or reject the assigned ticket by using the standard menu options (Quick Reply for full display radios). The user just sends the 'Complete' message to the Dispatcher when the job is done.
    • TRBOnet tracks the status of all tickets in real time and notifi­es a dispatcher if a ticket is overdue. The Management will always know who is working and on what, when the deadline is, and how long the job actually took to accomplish.
  • Extended Alarm Management
    • Triggered from multiple event sources including alarm panels, telemetry sources, and employee duress
    • Predefined responses allow you to gain situational awareness and act on emergent issues in a timely and professional manner
    • The solution can automatically escalate an event when a suitable action has not been taken, ensuring you are in control of your venue at all times.
  • Integration with Internal Systems
    • Motorola Solutions supported TRBONET allows you to integrate seamlessly with most existing internal systems like HotSOS. This integration allows you to automate tasks, see the status of your rooms, and notify staff of any maintenance requirements at all times.