Short-Term Rental – Event Hire

Communication solutions for events are made easy with TechRentals’s short-term rental. With one of the largest and newest Motorola fleets in Australia, we have the communications solution to elevate your event and attendees’ experiences.

We have been providing specialised solutions catered to each unique occasion for over 20 years. Through the latest and easy-to-use two-way radios, the greatest outcome can be achieved by ensuring operations run smoothly and incidents are handled promptly.

Whether the requirement is for a large-scale event or smaller gathering, TechRentals have the expertise and equipment to ensure you have the best instant communication solution available.

Keep your staff connected.

Two-way radios are an excellent tool to help you implement and maintain your COVIDSafe Plan during the event.

Advantages of a Short-Term Rental from TechRentals:

Australia's largest, most up-to-date fleet of digital radios
✔ Experienced and friendly Staff
✔ Reliable lightweight equipment with upgraded ultra-high capacity batteries
✔ Premium genuine accessories to boost performance
✔ Unmatched expertise as a Motorola Platinum Channel Partner
✔ Licensed frequencies
✔ Wide-area coverage options
✔ Quick turnaround time - get your equipment fast!
✔ Price match guarantee*

*We will beat any competitors’ official quote for a similar product by 10% (quotes must be sited and verified)