Digital Radio Systems

TechRentals is one of the largest and most successful two-way radio communication specialists in Australia. We have provided total system solutions, incorporating specific coverage needs with individual features to a large array of organisations across Australia.

At TechRentals we pride ourselves on our professionalism, demonstrating high levels of both product knowledge and customer service.

TechRentals caters for all types of customer needs, with short-term hire, project rental, managed service, and sales making us the one-stop-shop for all your radio requirements.

With a substantial fleet of over 10,000 radios (Motorola two-way radios and RADID PTToC radios), we can provide large quantities quickly, meaning no downtime.

TechRentals has installed many systems over the years, with different applications and technologies including:

  • Single-site Conventional
  • Single-site Trunked
  • Multi-site Conventional
  • Multi-site Trunked

For sites with hazardous areas, we can provide intrinsically safe radios and headsets to meet regulatory requirements. For larger sites wanting to take their radio system to the next level, we can provide fully integrated Management Software that offers significantly more real time data than is available on a traditional system.