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Physical protection and increased intelligence gathering have been major contributors in identifying and managing threats. The central element in all robust security strategies is the ability to effect instant communication by voice or data across a wide variety of difficult environments. This involves linking control centres with field operatives who are either on foot, in a vehicle, or in a building, plant, or stadium.


Discreet Communications
Security teams in most instances need to rely on two-way radios to communicate with their colleagues, whether they are interacting with members of the public or reporting on a potential risk or incident. This can often take place in areas which are noisy and therefore hard to hear and consequently interrupt the audio. Therefore to ensure security teams receive loud and clear communication, TechRentals can provide a wide range of audio accessories, from discreet surveillance-style devices to general audio earpieces with some models enhanced with Bluetooth capability.

For organisations that require a sleek appearance, TechRentals can provide a suitable radio that features a compact and slim design. In covert mode, the display can be programmed so that it doesn’t light up, providing the ultimate in discretion.

Text Messaging
In today’s environment, text messaging is an important form of communication. TechRentals provides radios not only with voice but also with the capability to communicate through text messaging.

Management Software
Real time data is becoming increasingly important in a security environment. Having as much information as possible in order to manage security teams is vital in managing the movements of individuals in a building, public area, shopping centre, or whilst in mobile patrol vehicles. TechRentals provides management software which is an all-in-one solution featuring the benefits below:

  • Voice & Messaging Dispatch allows the control room operator to talk and message radio users through a PC, laptop, or tablet.
  • Voice Recording allows the control room operations and management to replay messages during important scenarios for review and training purposes.
  • Private Calling allows control room operations to call one radio user without disrupting others.
  • Tracking whether externally through GPS, or indoor using small unobtrusive beacons, can monitor the movement of staff in real time regardless of their location and provide regular reporting activities for safety and training purposes.
  • Job Ticketing allows the control operators to send a request to the nearest staff member so that an incident is managed in a prompt and timely manner.
  • Worker Alerts such as duress, lone worker, and man down can be sent directly to the control room for action.
  • Sign in / Sign Out keeps track of who is using which radio communication device on a shift.


Traditional wide-area radio systems were limited in their coverage due to the vast landscape and need to erect a network of radio repeaters at considerable cost. TechRentals provides wide-area coverage communication that uses Australian public cellular networks as its backbone. This means radio users now have extended coverage and can transmit and receive messages wherever 3G/4G exists.

In Vehicle Radios
As an alternative to using traditional handheld radios, TechRentals can provide ‘mobile’ radios for fixed installation in a patrol vehicle. With the advent of significantly improved coverage capabilities, contact with security teams can always be maintained and monitored.