Venues, Stadiums and Events

Patron Safety | Emergent Situations | Food & Beverage Coordination | Coverage

TechRentals have developed rental two way radio communications solutions to suit a range of events with varying scope and size. Our full coverage solutions ensure that your team are always in communication with clear and reliable two way radios. Each event is unique and TechRentals can supply a customised system as we have for many other events.

Essential to each public venue is the security and safety of the patrons. Additionally, good communications can have a significant impact on patrons’ event experience. This could include communicating information that assists the flow of patrons exiting a venue, or advising hospitality staff to changeover kegs in a timely manner so guests aren’t left waiting.

Key factors:
  • Patron safety
    • Improving security staff’s communications and having real-time intelligence on emergent situations are key to maintaining control and safety
    • From the street to the suite, in small venues and large convention centres, the right hardware and applications help staff collaborate more efficiently for a seamless guest experience
  • Maintaining command and control during emergent situations
    • When emergencies occur, security must communicate quickly and quietly to coordinate a response. By giving employees and emergency personnel the right devices and information, they can guide guests to safety and provide real-time updates. Our rugged radios deliver clear coverage in buildings and across facilities, offer convenient hands-free accessories, and provide leading applications to help your operation stay safe.
    • Applications including Avigilon and TRBONET allow you to capture live video feeds to gain situational awareness. They can also record incident based activities should further investigation be required
  • Coordination of Food and Beverage services
    • Integrate telemetry sensors on beverage lines to automate messages when it’s time to changeover a keg
    • Pre-can messages and/or job tickets can be useful in advising back-of-house if particular menu items are in demand that day, and to have more ready to avoid delays
  • Coverage
    • Many stadiums contain a complex back-of-house network of walkways, kitchens, and mechanical rooms. It is essential to maintain effective communications across sites. Motorola’s MOTOTRBO is seamlessly expandable and capable of handling such requirements
    • The EOC (Event Operations Centre) is where a multitude of people work on essential tasks, from security through to cleaning. With this concentration of workstations and people, desk space is limited. TechRentals can help by removing bulky radios from desk areas and replacing them with purpose built remote mount kits or desktop dispatchers.
    • Out in the field, the environment ranges from high noise in the stands, to quiet conference and corporate areas. Choosing the right accessory is essential:
      • In high noise environments, noise cancellation microphones filter out background interference, and noise isolating speakers ensure messages are clear and understood the first time
      • In quiet environments, it’s important not to broadcast internal chatter to guests. Choosing discreet accessories from surveillance style earpieces to Bluetooth accessories is essential.
  • Scalability and flexibility
    • Patronage often dictates staffing requirements and these can fluctuate dramatically throughout the year
    • TechRentals has the largest and most up-to-date digital radio rental fleet in Australia that can cater for these fluctuations
    • Last minute changes – often there are last minute changes to the staffing rosters for events. Your supply partner should be agile enough and hold enough stock to cater for these urgent requirements