As one of Australia’s largest communications rental companies with over 10,000 items in our fleet TechRentals is constantly being upgraded with the newest model equipment.

This allows TechRentals to sell off our older fleet of products at a fantastic price to customers that are unable procure on an OPex model.

Products/Equipment we have for sale include:

• Motorola Analogue Portable Radios
• Motorola Analogue Mobile Radios
• Motorola Digital (DMR) Portable Radios
• Motorola Digital (DMR) Mobile Radios
• Motorola TETRA Portable radios
• Motorola Digital DMR Systems
• Nurse Call Systems
• Site Evacuation Systems
• RAPID Next Generation Radio
• Satellite Phones
• Satellite Data Terminals
• Vehicle Proximity Warning Systems
• Management Software & Applications
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Motorola Accessories

TechRentals in partnership with Motorola Solutions offer customers easy and options for purchasing new accessories from our store… Find out more