Satellite Communications

Going on an adventure and need a satellite phone to stay connected and keep safe? At TechRentals we provide satellite phone hire from a range of industry leading brands.

TechRentals also provide satellite phone and radio solutions for remote- based work. Whether exploring new mining tenements, commissioning a well head, building a remote structure, calling for assistance after a vehicle breakdown or clearing bushland, the challenge facing businesses with remote-based workers is two-fold:

  1. How to keep them safe
  2. How to keep them productive

TR offers a range of satellite communications which help to overcome both these challenges, including satellite phones, satellite Push to Talk (PTT) and satellite data terminals.

Workers who have access to these types of technology know that assistance is only a phone call or press-of-a-button away. A further benefit is that employers can expect their workers to keep up-to-date with their emails, even though they are in remote locations, resulting in increased productivity.