Push-to-talk over cellular technology

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What RAPID is and how it’s different to standard two-way radio communication?

RAPID is the next generation of instant, high-speed, and secure two-way radio communications for voice and data. Designed and built on a revolutionary all-Australian secure protocol, Intelligent Radio Protocol® (IRP®) to ensure true one-to-many communication performance.

Purpose developed to outperform traditional LMR two-way radio solutions, RAPID's push-to-talk over cellular technology delivers exceptional performance when placed against the key functional performance criteria of traditional LMR.

How RAPID Works

Components of RAPID

RAPID Client

RAPID Client is an application that can be easily installed on the devices, which allows you to access a range of features such as messaging, voice notes, and mapping.

RAPID Command

RAPID Command is a management system for RAPID that can be installed on your desktop computer. This management system provides you with accurate and timely information to ensure safe and efficient operation of your enterprise, and includes features such as integrated Google Maps to increase situational awareness.

RAPID Provisioning

The heart of the command and control functionality, RAPID provisioning gives the administrator full control over the radio system. This program allows administrators control over device programming, software updates/upgrades, settings, and configurations.

Key Benefits of RAPID

National coverage across growing cellular networks 3G, 4G, and 5G.
True enterprise quality software, devices and voice transmission.
Cost & Efficiency
Reduced infrastructure costs and ease of deployment.
Highest level of security features and protocols.