System Design & Survey

Two Way Radio
As wireless communications are evolving in today’s environment, embarking upon the upgrade of a two way radio system from analogue to digital communications or just expanding upon on existing infrastructure, can often be a daunting decision and therefore difficult to make. 

With sound expertise and knowledge gained over many years of extensive training and experience, TechRentals’s professional engineering team can assist in making the decision that much easier to address. 

TechRentals offers a wide range of services developed around a structured and sound process of identifying the requirements associated in deploying a state-of-the-art next generation radio systems.  These include but not limited to  

  • Audio coverage testing.
  • Measuring Received Signal Strength Indicator (RSSI) levels
  • Mapping and tabulating RSSI levels.

From the information gathered during the site survey, a system design is developed and then proposed to the customer. The design takes into account all the aspects of the client requirements. As an example these can include:

  • Number of talkgroups or channels
  • Number of subscribers
  • Subscriber fleetmapping
  • Requirement for data software applications
  • Number of repeaters
  • Antenna design and location incorporating cable placement
  • Interconnectivity to PABX 
  • Site IP requirements
  • Frequency assignments and ACMA licencing
  • Intrinsically safe
  • Programming features including – All call, Broadcast or Incident response  channel / talkgroup
  • Utilisation of existing infrastructure or equipment if relevant

All the above along with additional site specific requirements are all evaluated in developing a purpose built design

Proximity Warning Systems
Safety of people onsite is of paramount importance to management and personnel alike. A fatality or serious injury to a pedestrian due to a vehicle impact is not only tragic but with the right technology like TR’s Proximity Warning Systems is preventable.

Configuration of each Proximity Warning System can be unique with different amounts of sensor coverage depending on the type of vehicle, the speed it travels and the location it is being used.

TechRentals’s professional team will work with all the key stake holders to identify the key hazardous areas on site and/ or vehicle blind spots to provide the best Proximity Warning System possible for the situation.