Government & Councils

Government | local councils | Federal Departments | Public Safety Agencies

For government departments and local councils, a communications system that delivers secure, instant, high-quality, and reliable communications is critical. TechRentals understands the unique challenges faced in these complex environments, and can tailor two-way radio solutions that will best support these needs.

Our range of two-way radios help enhance safety, efficiency and improve teamwork, and can be used for large scale public events, safety incidents, and be integrated with emergency services systems. TechRentals also specialises in offering a range of robust devices that meet strict military standards with a focus on the highest level of security and encryption.

Rugged Design
Government and council workers have large networks of staff, including those required to work outdoors under all weather conditions. TechRentals supplies Motorola radios that are IP67 rated, meaning they are dust and water resistant, and have a battery life of up to 28 hours so they will continue to run throughout the whole working day.

Immediate Replacements
Any downtime or loss of productivity is detrimental to projects. If you purchase a radio that becomes faulty or is damaged and needs to be sent to the manufacturer for repair, it may take 3- 4 weeks before it is returned. What are your options while it is being repaired?

1. Buy another unit at considerable cost?
2. A worker has no radio meaning they are less productive and at greater risk of an incident?

TechRentals solves this problem by providing immediate replacement of all our equipment, regardless of whether it’s faulty or damaged. This reduces your downtime and ensures that site safety and productivity are maintained.

Flexible Procurement Options
During a project, the workforce can increase, meaning that extra radios are required. Purchasing these outright can mean you may not get full value from these radios, if there is only 6 months left on the project. TechRentals can quickly provide tailored pricing to suit the varying rental periods, meaning you don’t pay a cent more than is required for the project.

Site Emergency Systems
If there is an incident, it is crucial that site management is notified immediately. TechRentals provides site emergency systems that not only notify management, but can also be activated to sound an alarm or provide announcements via a PA system to increase evacuation efficiency.

Management Software
Real time data is becoming increasingly important to businesses. Having as much information as possible from one source, on one screen is what businesses need. TechRentals provides management software which is an all-in-one solution with the following benefits:

  • Voice & Messaging Dispatch allows the control room operator to talk and message radio users through a PC, laptop, or tablet.
  • Voice Recording allows the control room operations and management to replay messages during important scenarios for review and training purposes.
  • Private Calling allows control room operations to call one radio user without disrupting others.
  • Tracking whether externally through GPS, or indoor using small unobtrusive beacons, can monitor the movement of staff in real time regardless of their location and provide regular reporting activities for safety and training purposes.
  • Job Ticketing allows the control operators to send a request to the nearest staff member so that an incident is managed in a prompt and timely manner.
  • Worker Alerts such as duress, lone worker, and man down can be sent directly to the control room for action.
  • Sign in / Sign Out keeps track of who is using which radio communication device on a shift.
  • Alarm Management helps you automate your daily tasks and deliver alerts from nearly any source to your MOTOTRBO radio, dispatchers, TRBOnet Mobile Client, email accounts or GSM phones. Event sources range from external control panels (e.g. fire alarm panels) connected to your TRBOnet server via TCP/IP or RS232, text messages and DTMF sequences sent by a radio, to Geofencing and native MOTOTRBO alarms. This module allows you to integrate TRBOnet with virtually any enterprise management system capable of sending text messages over TCP/IP. TRBOnet then passes such messages and triggers the rules as necessary.