Body-Worn Camera

Keep your staff safe. Work with protection. Prove professionalism.

Improve the safety within your organisation by enabling your front-line teams to take control. Body-worn cameras deliver valuable video footage from a wearer’s perspective which all helps in protecting your people.

When an unexpected situation arises, the potential to capture and share real-time video increases situational awareness.

The presence of a body-worn camera can help to calm difficult encounters so your staff can go into any situation with the knowledge that they have an added level of confidence and safety at hand.

Body worn cameras can be reliable for providing evidence in confrontational situations and have proven to work as a deterrent as people are more likely to change their behaviour when being recorded.

Choosing your Motorola Body Worn Camera

Motorola VideoBadge VB400

Motorola VideoBadge VB400

Motorola VideoBadge VB400 is a next generation in body worn camera built to protect your team. With a rugged design manufactured to endure a tough environment, this camera captures high quality video from a wearer’s viewpoint.

Key Benefits:

rugged designTested to MIL-STD-810G and rated IP67
bluetoothBluetooth Connectivity
shift long battery lifeShift Long battery life – 12 hours of continuous recording
peer assisted recordingPeer-Assisted Recording
pre-post recordingPre and Post Recording capability
accessories rangeBroad range of accessories

Motorola Videotag VT100

Motorola Videotag VT100

Motorola Videotag VT100 delivers a customisable and fully integrated enterprise mobile video solution

Key Features:

rugged designLightweight and unobtrusive design
easy to useEasy- to-use
shift long battery lifeLong lasting – six-month stand by battery
user friendlyCustomer friendly appearance
accessable affordableAccessible and affordable

Motorola VideoManager

The Motorola VideoManager

The Motorola VideoManager software is a fully customisable digital evidence management solution. It enhances the capabilities of Motorola Solutions VT100 and VB400 series through a seamless, intuitive, and highly configurable software experience. It lets you view, process and share high quality video evidence from your fleet of body worn cameras. Customisable roles and device profiles also allow administrators to control system access, while audit logs provide the all-important evidence trail required to support the judicial process.

Key Features:

  • Workflow Control
  • Customisable user interface
  • Cloud or on-premises licensing
  • Administrator permissions and deletion policies
  • Supports rapid camera allocation
  • VMS integration
  • System audit logs