School safety | Campus security | Traffic management | Campus maintenance | Emergency response | Event coordination

Safety is paramount in schools, so being able to communicate effectively between staff and students is a priority. Two-way radios provide a critical link for instant and reliable communications, and TechRentals can support your school in meeting these needs.

Two-way radios are purpose-built for highly reliable instant one-to-one and group communication, and are now used as a necessary tool for multiple school applications. These include:

  • Campus security & maintenance
  • Directing traffic
  • Connecting administrators & staff out in the school yard
  • Managing events (sports, productions, camps etc)
  • Coordinating medical emergencies in a timely manner

The below video demonstrates the full capacity of a Motorola digital radio solution:

While analogue radios offer a high degree of reliability and have been used in schools for decades, today's new digital radios combine the reliability of analogue with the best aspects of smartphones. This allows school staff to access advanced safety features and applications, including messages, GPS tracking, and Wi-Fi.

With your free consultation we can assist with:
Affordable rentals, and ex-rental sales, of digital radios
Managed Service - One monthly fee for tech support, training, maintenance & repairs
Nurse Call Solution - Instant alert for first aid assistance
Australia's largest fleet of Motorola's most advanced digital radios
RAPID next generation radio for wide-area coverage solutions