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During site shutdowns, external contractors and tradespeople attend sites and plants on a short-to-medium-term basis to conduct maintenance tasks. Through their activities in delivering the project on time and on budget, they are required to use suitable radio communications to conduct their work in a safe and risk-free manner. With TechRentals’s swift responses to urgent and sometimes last-minute requirements, we can assist contractors regardless of the size of the organisation in covering the project’s communications. TechRentals offers economical rental plans to facilitate the best possible solution, without the need to purchase two-way radio devices.

Battery Management
Shutdowns are always time-critical with work crews commonly operating over 12 hour shifts. Legacy radios operating in analogue mode had limited capacity and often didn’t last a full shift. TechRentals can provide radios with low voltage lithium-ion batteries for shutdowns which provide up to 28 hours capacity (depending on usage). This reduces the downtime in having to change out batteries during a shift and reduces the number of spare batteries required.

Intrinsically Safe Radios for Hazardous Locations- HAZLOC
Hazardous locations can be found in many industries, including refineries, fuel storage facilities, chemical plants, grain elevators, and plastics processing plants where flammable gases, vapours, or explosive dusts are present. These potentially hazardous environments therefore require communications equipment that meets intrinsically safe standards. TechRentals can assist in providing suitable radios which meet these platforms:

  • TIA-4950 standard which is underwritten by Underwritten Laboratories (UL)
  • ATEX Certification – European standard
  • IECEx Certification - International standard

Frequency Management
When operating two-way radio equipment, legislation requires users to operate on either unlicensed Citizen Band (CB) frequencies or licenced frequencies. The frequency spectrum within Australia is managed and controlled by the Australian Communications & Media Authority (ACMA). TechRentals are familiar with the regulations associated with the use of these frequencies and are therefore well-placed to provide professional advice and guidance regarding these regulations.