The DIMETRA X Core from Motorola Solutions provides the capacity to successfully ensure mission-critical communications now and into the future. Featuring modern, software-centric architecture, it is designed to make the most of your existing DIMETRA network while preparing you for the mobile broadband capabilities of tomorrow. This fully scalable system allows for design expansion from one site to 5000 more. You can easily add new users or capabilities by enabling software licenses. DIMETRA X CORE is further enhanced by offering scalable pricing, so you only pay for the capacity and capabilities you need. It's the smart, secure investment choice for your organisation's future.

  • Future ready
  • Fully scalable
  • Advanced architecture
  • Software-defined core
  • Mission critical
  • Flexible capabilities
  • Flexibly capacity
  • Enhanced protection
  • Proven reliability
  • Enhanced cyber security
  • Smart interfaces
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