Dimetra LiTE

Compact yet powerful, the DIMETRA LiTE is a two-way radio switch that delivers a fully functional TETRA digital two-way radio communication network.

Best-in-class TETRA features provide reliable trunking voice capabilities, short data services, full-duplex telephony and secure two-way radio communications. Motorola's TETRA base stations and radios are designed for the DIMETRA LiTE solution, and provide low cost of ownership, migration capabilities and easy maintenance. Ideal for users in industries such as hotel management, manufacturing, refineries, seaports, and airports.

Dimetra LiTE
  • Superior digital voice clarity
  • Emergency button with GPS locator
  • Voice and data combined
  • Secure digital network
  • Compact size
  • Intelligent
  • Tough
  • Easy migration
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