HV Diagnostics HVA60 60kV VLF/DC Test Set

HV Diagnostics HVA60 60kV VLF/DC Test Set

Product Code HVD,HVA60-DC/VLF


VLF and DC test capabilities combined in one unit (60 kg). Suitable for testing cables, capacitors, switchgear, transformers, machines, insulators and bushings. VLF (0.1Hz to 0.02Hz), DC (+/-), cable fault conditioning (burning) and sheath/jacket testing modes all included. Fully automatic or manual cable test sequences. True symmetrical sinusoidal, load independent, output waveform across the full load range. Real-time display of actual output wave form. Large output load capability (up to 5uF). Automatic and integrated load capacitance measurement with optimum frequency selection. Storage of test results for later retrieval or download to a PC/Laptop. For a more comprehensive understanding of insulation condition perform tan delta testing at the same time with optional accessory HVD,HVA TD60.

Additional information

Weight 92.8 kg
Dimensions 67 × 47 × 87 cm

Setup and Download


**Heavy Item**

** Caution this piece of equipment is classed as HEAVY. It will require multiple people or possibly machinery to lift. **

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Oil, Hipot & VLF Testers above 20kV

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HV Diagnostics HVA60 60kV VLF/DC Test Set

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