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Reasons to Rent

At TechRentals, our customers are our priority. We want to be able to give you the best quality test and measurement equipment for your project, at a competitive price.

Choosing to rent from TechRentals, whether it’s a short or long-term rent, is a valuable avenue for your business to venture into.

Some of the ways renting from TechRentals can benefit you and your business are:

Stretch Your Budget Test equipment is often used just some of the time. Rental allows you to pay for it only when you use it, as well as stretching your budget by accessing more equipment than you could if you purchased it outright. 
Utilise Operating Expense  Test equipment is expensive often sitting on a shelf collecting dust – not an effective use of your valuable business capital. Rental allows you to free up cash for other parts of the business where it can be used to generate additional profits. 
Conduct Product Research  It is not always clear immediately which make and model will fulfil your requirements best. Trialling it on casual rental gives you hands-on experience to guide purchase decisions. 
Recover Costs Quickly  Generally rental payments are fully tax deductable, and the expense can be recovered far more quickly than the tax allowances for ongoing asset depreciation. * 
Eliminate Running Costs  The expense of maintaining, calibrating, and warehousing your test and measurement equipment can be high. With rental you avoid these costs, as well as freeing up storage space within your premises. 
Cost Allocation is Simplified  Rental payments are easy to track and account for in your business, making it easy to allocate appropriate costs to departments, clients, or specific projects. 
Respond to Sudden Demands  At peak periods, for unexpected projects, or when essential equipment breaks down, rental can put the necessary equipment in your hands ensuring seamless operations. 
Apply New Technologies and Avoid Obsolescence  Rental allows you to update your equipment in line with other businesses and take advantage of new technologies. It also avoids the potential cost of owning equipment that can be quickly superseded. 
Preserve Credit  Renting avoids the potential cost of utilising credit facilities such as an overdraft, which are often used for equipment purchases. 
Technical Support  When you rent from TechRentals you’ll have the support of an experienced team of product experts, who’ll help you get the most from your equipment. And in the unlikely event of equipment failure, we will do our utmost to rectify the issues as soon as possible.
Reduce Carbon Footprint  Rental is an inherently more environmentally friendly business model compared to ownership, as the sunk carbon footprint of an asset can be optimised across many users and throughout time. 

With 8 locations across Australia, as well as offices in New Zealand, Singapore, and Malaysia, we are sure to find a rental solution to meet your needs.

*Please ensure you obtain professional independent taxation advice.

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