Setup and Download

Save time and reduce your costs by using our data management services. Learning to operate unfamiliar equipment costs you time, and can lead to fundamental errors in the data capturing process. Use a better solution – our setup and download service.

Our technical staff are equipped and trained to deliver you the downloaded data in a range of suitable output formats. These include USB drive, CD-ROM, printout, chart and DVD depending on your need and the product’s functionality. You nominate your output preferences and appropriate technical information, the rest is taken care of.

The completed files or printouts will be promptly forwarded to you, or if you prefer, can be collected at an arranged time. Be sure to discuss if these options are available with your rent. Fees vary depending on the complexity of operation and the level of detail involved.

Data management services are available for many products. Below are some examples of what you can expect.

Seward ProTag Optima 300
Testing and Tagging System

Model: SEW,PT-300
• Load logo file in printer
• Load test settings
Results Downloaded:
• Provide database in PATGuard format
• Provide CD with PATViewer software including database for end customer
Fluke DSX-5000 Cable Analyser
Model: FLU,DSX-5000
• Company name
• Site
• Tester
• Setup of certification test limit
• Cable type/fibre type
Results Downloaded:
• Raw Fluke Linkware files
• Linkware software
• PDF report results
Flir E60-II Thermal Camera
Model: FLI,E60-II
Results Downloaded:
• Raw image files
• Relevant editing software
• Adjust isotherm and emissivity
• Standard report of images
3 CT Power Quality Analyser
CHK PM40/PM45 –
4 CT Power Quality Analyser

Model: CHK,PM30/CHK,
• 3P4W(star) or 3P3W(delta)
• Max. Current (<1000 A or <3000 A)
• 3 Phase Current only or 3 Phase and Neutral
• Log Period and Log Interval
• Log Profiling (V, I, PF, kWh, THD)
• Event Capture (Sag, Swell, Transient)
• Start Log Next Power up
Results Downloaded:
• Raw Data
• PowerView Software
• PDF report of V and I Trend Graph
• Total kWh Calculation
• Exported Data as CSV or Excel file
Hioki LR8431-20 10 ch Memory Logger
Model: HIO,LR8431-20
• How many channels to be measured
(out of 10 channels)
• Each channels measurement.
e.g. voltage, current, etc.
• Channel scaling
• Period of logging to determine logging interval
• Logging Interval
Results Downloaded:
• Data results
• Logger Utility Software
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