Seasonal Traveller - Iridium 8816 Number for Australia / NZ Travel

  • Seasonal Traveller - Iridium 8816 Number for Australia / NZ Travel

Does this plan suit you? You are going away for a few months on a trip visiting remote areas around Australia or New Zealand and need reliable communication. Your satellite phone is used for peace of mind should the need arise for an emergency call and also to allow for family and friends to contact you or you, them. If so, then the Seasonal Traveller call plan, utilising the Iridium network, is suitable for you. This postpaid plan is on a minimum 6 month contract, or a month to month option which incurs a $50.00 fee.

The Critical Information Summaries (CIS) contains detailed information about the Seasonal Traveller call plan and services in the convenience of one document that’s easy to understand. This is provided to help you make an informed choice when making a purchase. You may download a copy of the relevant Critical Information Summary in PDF format to your computer, please see the attachment above.

Plan Name Seasonal Traveller Aus/NZ
Minimum monthly charge. $62.00
Maximum monthly charge. Not Calculable (Dependent on usage)
Account administration fee applied to waive contract period. $50.00
Minimum early termination charge. ( 1 month + administration fee) $112.00
Maximum early termination charge. $372.00 (Plus usage charges)
Monthly Included Value call allowance. Not Applicable
Number of standard calls available in Monthly Included Value. Not Applicable
Standard call rates per minute. (20 second billing increment charged) $1.90
Flag-fall (call connection charge) $0.40
Two minute standard satellite call cost prior to discount including flag-fall. $4.20
Cost of standard SMS. (maximum 160 character message) $0.50
Satellite data per minute. (30 second billing increment charged) $3.00
Cost of downloading 1MB of data. (based on 2.4 Kb per second transfer speed) $21.33
Calls to non-Iridium satellite phones per minute. $18.00


Additional Calls & Services  
TR Telecom 24/7 Support
(2652 from your satellite phone)
Emergency Calls 000/112 FREE
- diversions to voicemail FREE
- calls to voicemail retrieval Billed at standard call rates.
- SMS notifications FREE
Replacement SIM card. $55.00
Suspension of network access delaying monthly charge. Not Applicable



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