Estimating Data Usage

The following are estimates of data usage undertaken from the following activities.

Reading emails (no attachments)
Kb per Unit: 30
Estimated Usage Description: To send/receive 100 emails
Total Data Comsumption /GB: 0.003
Viewing Web Pages
Kb per Unit: 400
Estimated Usage Description: To send/receive 100 webpages
Total Data Comsumption /GB: 0.04
Streaming Video
Kb per Unit: 3,000
Estimated Usage Description: To view 100 min video
Total Data Comsumption /GB: 30
Streaming Music
Kb per Unit: 1,000
Estimated Usage Description: To listen 100 min music
Total Data Comsumption /GB: 10
  • TechRentals provides a Satellite phone service, and does not recommend its data provision service be used for Streaming music or video
  • The billing structure for data via Satellite phone networks is based upon time spent connected to the service, rather than the quantity of data consumed.
  • Given this fact, the key determinant of the cost of accessing data via the Satellite service is driven by the ability of the hardware device used to access the network
  • TechRentals hardware range includes devices that connect at speeds ranging from 27 Kbps to 2.4 Kbps (refer table below)


Satellite Equipment Data Transfer Speeds

Product Data speed max (up link/down link)
Iridium GO (direct internet) 2.4 Kbps
Iridium 9555 (direct internet) 2.4 Kbps
Iridium 9575 (direct internet) 2.4 Kbps
Iridium AxcessPoint (Wireless accessory) 27 Kbps
Iridium mail and web app/PC software or similar compression
software from 3rd party providers + device (or device with AxcessPoint)
Compression speeds up to 5 times the
device speed (with AxcessPoint device)
Iridium direct internet data software + device 10 Kbps

TechRentals also provide other means of managing your data access. Contact us via Customer Support if you wish to investigate these options.