Inmarsat Prepaid 100

  • Inmarsat Prepaid 100

The Inmarsat prepaid SIM card with 100 units with access for 90 days from date of activation*.
*All prepaid SIM cards are shipped inactive. Contact TR Telecom between 8:30 am and 5 pm AEST, Monday to Friday to activate your SIM card. Activation can be completed within two business hours.

The Critical Information Summaries contains detailed information about the Inmarsat Pre-Paid 100 plan and services in the convenience of one document that's easy to understand. This is provided to help you make an informed choice when making a purchase. You may download a copy of the relevant Critical Information Summary in PDF format to your computer, please see the attachment above.

Prepaid Card Inmarsat 100 Units
Maximum charge for early termination/Total minimum contract cost $220.00 (100 units)
Two minute standard satellite call costs $6.60 (3 units)
Cost of standard SMS $1.32 (0.6 units)
Cost of 1 Megabyte (1 Mb) of data $24.20 (11 units)
Units purchased 100 (1.5 units = 1 min)
Access period until expiry 90 days
Billing increments 15 seconds
Satellite SMS 0.6 units
Additional Calls & Services  
Emergency Calls 000/112 FREE
- diversions to voicemail
- calls to voicemail retrieval
- SMS notifications

1.5 units per minute
All pricing in this table includes GST


1. All pre-paid connections are activated using the customer’s credit card as a method of payment.
2. All SIM cards are enabled for Global use.
3. All unused call credits are forfeited when the access period expires. Extensions to the access period may be purchased to prevent any loss of call credits.
4. The SIM and your phone number don’t expire if not used for extended periods, only your credits expires once purchased and applied to the SIM.
5. PSTN, Mobile, and IsatPhone calls are charged at 100% of the quoted rate.
6. All prices include GST.
7. Airtime is charged in 15 second increments.
8. Prices are subject to change.
9. Assisted recharge only available between 8:30am and 5pm, Monday to Friday AEST.


  • $220.00

  • Ex Tax: $200.00


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