NetAlly LinkRunner 10G Ethernet Tester

NetAlly LinkRunner 10G Ethernet Tester

Product Code NET,LR-10G
Manufacturer NetAlly


LinkRunner 10G simplifies testing and configuration of copper and fiber Ethernet networks, streamlining workflows by combining essential functions of installation, triage, network validation and troubleshooting through layers 1-7.
The LR-10G accelerates deployments, speeds up problem identification, and improves the efficiency and effectiveness of network installers and operations teams.


• LANBERT, Qualify premise cabling for carrying Multi-Gig and 10Gig Ethernet (requires LR-10G or EXG-300 at end point)

• Layer 1-7 AutoTest enables any technician to find network problems

• Monitor networks for intermittent issues, every minute for up to 24 hours

• Validate up to 90W 802.3bt PSE with TruePower loaded PoE test

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NetAlly LinkRunner 10G Ethernet Tester

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