Megger (Programma) Sverker780 Relay Test Set

Megger (Programma) Sverker780 Relay Test Set

Product Code PRO,SVERKER780
Manufacturer Megger LTD


Relay test set for 1ph protective relay equipment. Three phase relays can be tested 1 phase at a time or by synchronising more than one unit. Current ranges to 100A with full load current to 250A. AC outputs to 250V & DC outputs to 300V. In-built capacitor and resistors for current output phase shifting. In-built timer, ammeter, and voltmeter. Measures phase angle, PF, and impedance. USB communications and control interface.

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Weight 29.3 kg
Dimensions 62 × 36 × 32 cm
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Protection Relay Testing Systems

Rent Megger (Programma) Sverker780 Relay Test Set

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Megger (Programma) Sverker780 Relay Test Set

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