How Standard Australian Mobile Numbers can benefit you

  • How Standard Australian Mobile Numbers can benefit you

Operating in remote areas can cause concern for families due to the limited and costly communication options available. Calls to satellite phones can be expensive, with costs between $5 to $15 per minute to the caller.

As a solution, TR Telecom is now offering a new ‘local number option’ feature that eliminates heavy usage costs by allowing you to calls satellite phones at standard mobile rates. 

We can also help those who have experienced trouble calling from corporate telephone networks to satellite numbers starting with 8816 or 8707. Most corporate PBX systems prevent metro based staff from contacting international (satellite) numbers, however TR Telecom’s Standard Australian Mobile Numbers allow you to make contact as you would with a local call.

Enjoy the simplicity of domestic dialling without having to remember any call sequences or country codes, contact TR Telecom today for the perfect phone and plan to suit your needs.

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