Docking Station - Beam Iridium 9555 SatDOCK-G

  • Docking Station - Beam Iridium 9555 SatDOCK-G

Beam's SatDOCK-G supports Tracking and Alert functionality via the dedicated in-built GPS engine. Tracking messages can be preconfigured to support periodic reporting, manual position report update via button press, remote polling or sending of emergency alert messages all via SMS/SMS to email or Short Burst Data (SBD). The Iridium 9555 satellite handset fits securely in the Dock which is compact in design, unlike other traditional docking kits that require another external box for installation, the Beam SatDOCK-G is all contained within the one single compact Dock. Other features include phone charging, in-built Bluetooth, USB data, in-built ringer and allows antenna and power to be permanently connected to the Dock ready for use.

  • Brand: Beam
  • Product Code: 9555-SDG
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