5180 FW Bell Gauss/Tesla Meter

5180 FW Bell Gauss/Tesla Meter

Product Code BEL,5180


Magnetic measuring equipment, portable gaussmeter. Built-in software eliminates the need for complex calibration procedures. Key features include Auto Zero, Min./Max./Peak Hold, Auto Range and Relative Mode. Allows the user to select Gauss, Tesla or Ampere/Meter readings. With Hall effect transverse probe STD18-0404. Frequency bandwidth DC – 20 kHz, range from 0 up to 30 kG with a basic accuracy of 1.1% (FS). Analogue output (+/-3V FS) and USB interface. Battery operated.

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Weight 1.8 kg
Dimensions 34 × 27 × 9 cm
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Gauss / Tesla Meters

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5180 FW Bell Gauss/Tesla Meter

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