Track Ground Vibrations with the Profound Vibra Cloud Logger

Revolutionising Ground Vibration Analysis: The Profound Vibra Cloud Logger.

Profound Vibra Cloud Logger: Revolutionising Data Logging with Unmatched Accuracy and Efficiency in Diverse Industries

Techrentals offers the Profound Vibra Cloud Logger, a powerful monitoring tool that measures ground vibrations and noise levels. It’s a portable device with multiple sensors that generates reports through an intuitive web interface. The Vibra Cloud Logger is ideal for use in various industries, including construction and mining. With it, businesses can monitor and analyse data remotely, helping them make informed decisions and reduce potential risks. Techrentals’ rental service provides access to this advanced technology without the need to worry about equipment maintenance or costs. The Vibra Cloud Logger is an innovative solution that improves operations and enhances safety, making it an essential tool for businesses.


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Renting the Profound Vibra Cloud Logger from TechRentals is a cost-effective solution as it eliminates the need for businesses to invest in expensive monitoring equipment that may only be needed occasionally. By renting this advanced monitoring tool at affordable rates, businesses can access its innovative features without worrying about maintenance costs or equipment downtime.



Renting the Profound Vibra Cloud Logger from TechRentals offers flexibility, as businesses can use the monitoring tool for their projects as required. With TechRentals, businesses can easily scale up or down depending on their needs without the burden of maintenance and equipment costs.


Technical Support

Techrentals offers comprehensive technical support to its customers who rent the Profound Vibra Cloud Logger. Our team of experts is available to assist with any questions or concerns related to the equipment, ensuring that you can use the monitoring tool effectively and efficiently for your projects.


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Profound VIBRA+ with Cloud: The Advanced Solution for Long-Term Ground Vibration Logging in Construction


This video highlights the advanced features and benefits of the Profound VIBRA+ with Cloud, an innovative monitoring tool designed for long-term ground vibration logging in the construction industry. The video showcases how the device works and explains its ability to measure ground vibrations and noise levels, generate reports through an intuitive web interface, and provide insights that enable businesses to adjust their operations accordingly. The video emphasizes the importance of safety and environmental considerations in the construction industry, and how the Profound VIBRA+ with Cloud can help businesses meet these requirements.

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