About Us

TR Telecom is rebranding to remove customer confusion to ensure our customers can receive a wide range of technology services and solutions we have to offer. We are proud to introduce ourselves as TechRentals, Satellite Communications business unit.

TechRentals, a leader in providing technology solutions through its 50-year history, proudly announces the launch of its new branded identity. The move is not just a change in appearance but a strategic decision to unite the collective business units under a cohesive brand that reflects the company's evolution and commitment to its customers. 

Our partners include a tier 1 service provider for Iridium a tier 1 service provider for Iridium Satellite Telecommunications – a first for an Australian company, TracPlus tracking devices, NewSat satellite broadband and network solutions and Beam Satellite accessories.

We provide several options for communications in remote areas including Satellite Phones and Satellite Data, meeting the needs of farmers, business and industry, travelers, and researchers throughout the whole of our vast country and the world. The Iridium Satellite system will greatly enhance the safety and flexibility of operation for all those that work or travel in remote regions.

Trust TechRentals to provide you with the perfect satellite communication solutions for your business needs. 

Smart Solutions, Excellent Results. 


Industry Self-Regulation

TechRentals is a member of the industry self-regulation through Communications Alliance (Comms Alliance). The Comms Alliance develops codes setting standards for issues such as complaint handling, billing, and financial hardship. The codes are registered with the ACMA and then become mandatory for the industry.