MiniRAE 3000+ PID for VOC detection

MiniRAE 3000+ PID for VOC detection

Product Code RAE,MINIRAE3000+


A reliable PID for VOC measurement. This industry standard 10.6eV photo ionisation detector measures from 0 to 15,000ppm of volatile organic compounds, referenced to isobutylene. Used by environmental scientists for detailed site investigations of soils and measuring the headspace in wells. It is also used for confined space monitoring, with low, high, STEL and TWA Alarms triggering 95dB buzzer and RED LEDs The instrument is supplied with ‘ A calibration certificate for your records ‘ A rechargeable battery pack rated for 16h operation ‘ An alkaline battery adaptor, to extend your time in the field ‘ A Flexi probe and 2 water trap filters

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Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 41 × 34 × 21 cm
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MiniRAE 3000+ PID for VOC detection

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