Kikusui PLZ1003W Electronic Load

Kikusui PLZ1003W Electronic Load

Product Code KIK,PLZ1003W


1000 watt electronic load. Voltage range 1.5 to 120V. Current range 0 to 200A. Provides constant current, resistance, voltage, and power modes (CC/CV/CR/CP). A multiple number of setting conditions can be stored in memory. Sequence function allows setting conditions to be changed automatically. Applications include characteristic or lifetime tests of a variety of DC voltage sources such as switching power supplies, primary and secondary batteries or as burn in loads.

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Weight 36 kg
Dimensions 61 × 57 × 31 cm

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**Heavy Item**

** Caution this piece of equipment is classed as HEAVY. It will require multiple people or possibly machinery to lift. **

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DC Power Supplies & Loads

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Kikusui PLZ1003W Electronic Load

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