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At TechRentals, we understand the significance of analysing power quality in various industries, from manufacturing to energy and facilities management. That’s why we offer flexible rental solutions for state-of-the-art power quality analysers like the Fluke 1777 and Hioki PQ3198-94. These cutting-edge devices provide accurate measurements and comprehensive data insights, empowering you to optimise your electrical systems effectively. With advanced features such as power & energy measurements, harmonics analysis, and energy profiling, our analysers enable you to identify and address power quality issues efficiently. By renting the Fluke 1777 or Hioki PQ3198-94 from TechRentals, you can hire a cost-effective and flexible option, ensuring you have the latest power quality analysis technology at your disposal. Count on our expert support and top-notch equipment to elevate your power management strategies and achieve optimal performance.


Why Choose TechRentals?


Renting the Fluke 1777 and Hioki PQ3198-94 Power Quality Analysers from TechRentals is a cost-effective solution for professionals. It eliminates the need for you to make a significant investment in expensive equipment and technology that may only be required sporadically. Instead, you can rent these advanced analysers at affordable rates and utilise them as needed for your power quality analysis projects.



TechRentals provides flexible rental options for the Fluke 1777 and Hioki PQ3198-94 Power Quality Analysers. Tailor your equipment needs based on project requirements for improved power management. You can rent for 1 day or for long term, with multiple units available to meet your power analysis needs.


High-Quality Data

The versatile features of the Fluke 1777 and Hioki PQ3198-94 Power Quality Analysers simplify data collection, allowing professionals to capture comprehensive power quality information efficiently and accurately. With streamlined data collection, users can allocate more time to analysis and decision-making, leading to enhanced project outcomes.



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Ready to harness the benefits of top-notch power quality analysis technology? Start by completing our inquiry form today to initiate the rental process for the Fluke 1777 and Hioki PQ3198-94 Power Quality Analysers. Our team of experts is readily available to assist you in selecting the ideal equipment for your project requirements and provide comprehensive training and support for optimal utilisation. Seize this opportunity to streamline your workflows and achieve exceptional results. Take the first step now by filling out our inquiry form and unleash the potential of the Fluke 1777 and Hioki PQ3198-94 Power Quality Analysers.


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Discover What's Inside the Hioki PQ3198-94 Power Quality Analyser!

In this informative video, we unveil the contents of the highly sought-after Hioki PQ3198-94 Power Quality Analyser, giving you an exclusive look at what’s inside the box. 

This advanced instrument is specifically designed for conducting AC mains studies and evaluating solar inverters. It comes complete with four CT7045 6000A AC flexible CTs and four CT7742 2000A AC/DC CTs, providing you with the necessary tools for comprehensive power quality analysis. 

Don’t miss out on this detailed description of the Hioki PQ3198-94 Power Quality Analyser and its accompanying accessories.

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