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Our range of equipment is designed to make groundwater monitoring more efficient and accurate, with reliable and durable instruments that are easy to use.  Whether you’re monitoring for contamination, conducting hydrogeological surveys, or studying ground water levels and flow, our instruments will help you get the job done. 

The QED Micropurge Kit is a powerful and versatile tool for purging and sampling wells, and is available in both 60m and 180m models. With a compact and lightweight design, the kit is easy to transport and set up, making it ideal for field work.

The Solinst 122 Interface Meter is designed for measuring the depth of water in wells, boreholes, and standpipes. It features a rugged and durable design, with a robust stainless steel probe that can withstand harsh field conditions. The interface meter is easy to operate with a simple on/off switch and clear digital display. 

The Solinst 410 Mk4 Peristaltic Pump is a high-quality sampling pump that is designed for low-flow sampling and purging. The pump is highly portable with a lightweight design which makes it easy to transport and set up in the field.

Overall, our Groundwater Range offers a comprehensive set of tools for ground water monitoring, with instruments that are reliable, efficient and easy to use.  Whether you’re a hydrogeologist, environmental consultant, or researcher, our range of equipment can help you to collect accurate and reliable data.

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Renting the Ground Water Range from TechRentals is a cost-effective solution because it eliminates the need to for you to invest in expensive equipment and technology which may be used only occasionally. Instead, you can rent our Ground Water Range at affordable rates.


At TechRentals, we provide you with a flexible approach to accessing cutting-edge technology by offering both short and long-term rental options for the Ground Water Range. We can tailor your equipment needs to match your project requirements. With 8 locations around Australia, we also offer local support and faster turnaround times.

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TechRentals offers comprehensive technical support throughout your rental period. Our team of experts provide answers to questions and prompt assistance in case of malfunction. Our goal is to ensure a seamless rental experience for you and your team.

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