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7th Jun 2016

How to Operate the Panametrics PT878 Ultrasonic Liquid Flow Meter

A Theory of Operation on Ultrasonic Liquid Flow Meters Time of Flight

A How to Guide for GE Panametrics Ultrasonic Liquid Flow Meters


Sanitary F

7th Jun 2016

Introduction to the Testo 350 Combustion Gas Analyser

The Testo 350XL complies with US EPA requirements although the US requirements call for

  1. CO measurements done with Electro-Checmical instead of NDIR
  2. NO & NO2 measurements done with Elec…

2nd Jun 2016

What Are the Ozone Levels Like Out Of Your Air Conditioning System?

Does your air-conditioning system use ozone to clean the air?
Is this still operating at a "safe" ozone level?

When used and maintained correctly, ozone generators provide years of…

2nd Jun 2016

TSI 8530 DustTrack

View a table of relative particle sizes by Engineering Toolbox.

Additional Resources

TSI Particle Sizes

20th Jun 2016

How to use the TSI Q-TRAK IAQ Monitor CO2, CO Temperature and Humidity Logger

Providing a comfortable, safe and healthy indoor environment is an increasingly important concern. Good air quality increases concentration and productivity. It can…

3rd Jun 2016

Measure the velocity of heated air

Need to measure the air speed in a hot air exhaust?

This easy to use tool includes a pitot tube which is inserted in the air stream and a manometer which displays the velocity. The averaging function is useful when establishing…

3rd Jun 2016

Air conditioning not working properly

To correctly set-up an air-conditioning system we need to measure the air flow from each ceiling vent. To measure this air flow we use a balometer. The balometer or air balancing hood is the instrument of preference when measur…