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20th Jun 2016

• Source Oil from Hyrological Services 02 9601 2022

Water current meter for measurement of flow velocity in rivers, streams, channels and open water. Robust streamlined stainless body fitted with high precision 100 mm diameter fan (flow range 0.0…

6th Jun 2016

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) provided by HV Diagnostic Equipment on cable testing overview and conducting Tan δ (Delta) measurements. This equipment includes the HVA TD60 Portable Tan Delta Measurement System.

What Is Tan δ, Or Tan Delta?

Tan Del…

3rd Jun 2016

NOTE - For those of you who remember, this equipment is the successor to WG's PFA-30.

Product Details / Application
The JDSU E1 and Data Testers are valued as a complete test solution for telecommunications and data circuits up to 2048 kb/s. These rug…

3rd Jun 2016

Gutermann Aquascope 3 Leak Locator Training Video

These systems listen for the sound of a leak. They have a digital signal processing designed to remove electrical noise and provide the operator with only the sound of the leak. The system includes both gro…

3rd Jun 2016

Tour & Andersson CBI Balancing Meter Training Video

Please note WRT to the power supply. The standard power supply supplied with these instruments is 6 V ac (These are also referenced in the documentation). However, the unit will charge its batteries with…