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9th Jun 2016

Do you need to measure the level of low frequency noise made by car stereo systems?
Depending upon the low frequency requirements most sound level meters operate down to 20 Hz. The SVAN 912A can measure infra-sound (sound levels between 1 Hz and 20 Hz).

If you w…

9th Jun 2016

There is no software supplied with the unit to convert the output .DAT files to something useful.

VA11 Excel converter
This is an Excel AddIn to convert the DAT files.

  1. Download the file and UNZIP the contents
  2. Run Excel
  3. Click Tools>Add Inns
  4. Select Br…

9th Jun 2016

These are the help screens from the supplied software.

Note: When setting this logger up you must consider what type of readings you require. Do you need acceleration, vibration, or displacement? This logger will only measure one of these at a time and you CA…

7th Jun 2016

How to Operate the Panametrics PT878 Ultrasonic Liquid Flow Meter

A Theory of Operation on Ultrasonic Liquid Flow Meters Time of Flight

A How to Guide for GE Panametrics Ultrasonic Liquid Flow Meters


Sanitary F

20th Jun 2016


Hach LDO™
Since 2002, Hach has established itself as the premier provider of Luminescent Dissolved Oxygen technology, and only Hydrolab Series 5 sondes feature Hach LDO technology – designed, manufactured, and supported by Hach in Loveland, Co…

2nd Jun 2016

Introduction to the Skyray Instruments EDX3 X-Ray Florescence System

Determine the Chemical Composition of Precious Metals with the Skyray EDX3 XRF System

The SKYRAY EDX3 can be used for Positive Materials Identification (PMI)

The Modes available

2nd Jun 2016


How do you measure stream flow?
Quick stream flow measuring is best done with a water current meter to measure water current velocity. Stream flow measuring is easily accomplished using a water current meter and a tape measure…

20th Jun 2016

How to use the TSI Q-TRAK IAQ Monitor CO2, CO Temperature and Humidity Logger

Providing a comfortable, safe and healthy indoor environment is an increasingly important concern. Good air quality increases concentration and productivity. It can…

6th Jun 2016

• Weighs only 42 pounds
• Internal rechargeable battery
• Pre-programmed national specifications
• Safety interlock on test chamber door
• RS-232 output for optional printer kit

The Megger OTS 60PB Portable Oil Test Set is a fully automatic oil test se…

6th Jun 2016

The current they need on the test set relates to how low the resistance is and how accurately they need to measure the resistance. The lower the resistance, the higher the current required for the test.

In general it is the current not the voltage of…

3rd Jun 2016

Optical Fibre Application Notes

Singlemode - (or SM fiber or fibre)
Typically has a core size of 9 µm and can be found in applications such as, broadband, telecommunications, FTTx, and general data comms. Depending on your testing requirements, we have Light Source…

3rd Jun 2016

Introduction to the Handy Search NJJ-95B Reinforced Concrete Radar

Instrument Manual

More and more requests for quality assurance inspection on concrete buildings have been made in recent years. When a concrete building is repaired, rebuilt, or mainta…

3rd Jun 2016

Air conditioning not working properly

To correctly set-up an air-conditioning system we need to measure the air flow from each ceiling vent. To measure this air flow we use a balometer. The balometer or air balancing hood is the instrument of preference when measur…

3rd Jun 2016

This unit measures in standardised meters per second. That means to do a comparison between a standard anemometer and this instrument you need to use the gas law equation and adjust the velocity from standard to actual air flow i.e.

Pressure_actual Volume_actual /