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8th Jul 2016

TechRentals have developed a simple solution for the monitoring of the concrete curing process that also provides ‘matched temperature’ control of the concrete pour samples. The benefits include a more accurate estimation of concrete strength and potential shortening of the period before additional…

11th Jul 2016

Written by Graeme Murphy – Product Manager TechRentals and Paul Brooker – Consultant, TechRentals June 2012

There are occasions when your construction project will be adjacent to another building that is very vulnerable to damage or is subject to special protection. Historic buildings are one cat…

9th Jun 2016

Introduction to TR Viblog Vibration and GPS Logger

9th Jun 2016

Whole Body Vibration Test Procedure

  1. Load Svantek software and driver
  2. Plug the SV100 into the PC
  3. Run the SvanPC+ software
  4. Click 'Update RTC' (To Sync the clocks) Then OK
  5. Clock 'Setup editor' Set the following:
    a. Click 'Return all sett…

9th Jun 2016

How to Setup a Profound VIBRA and Download Results

Accessories List
2x CD with software
1x Geophone
1x Geophone Right Angle Bracket
1x Geophone Stand Mount
1x Geophone Washer & Bolt
1x Spanner
1x Screw Driver
1x Alarm Module with Flashing Lig…

9th Jun 2016

These are the help screens from the supplied software.

Note: When setting this logger up you must consider what type of readings you require. Do you need acceleration, vibration, or displacement? This logger will only measure one of these at a time and you CA…

7th Jun 2016

How to Operate the Panametrics PT878 Ultrasonic Liquid Flow Meter

A Theory of Operation on Ultrasonic Liquid Flow Meters Time of Flight

A How to Guide for GE Panametrics Ultrasonic Liquid Flow Meters


Sanitary F

7th Jun 2016

How- to Setup a Testo 184 G1 Data Logger

7th Jun 2016

Setting Up the Hioki LR8431-20 Memory Logger

Setting up a Voltage sensor on the Hioki LR8431-20 Memory Logger

Wiring up a 4-20mA Transducer on the Hioki LR8431-20 Memory Logger

Recording a High Signal on the Hioki LR

7th Jun 2016

Quick Setup Instructions

  1. If you do not have an RS232 port available
    1. Insert the USB to RS232 adapter supplied
    2. Found New Hardware Wizard ‘ will appear
    3. It will request ‘Can Windows connected to Windows Update etc…’ Select ‘No, not at this time’ Click Next
    4. It will a…

7th Jun 2016

dEX Programming

dEX Mimics


How to FTP data

Connect to my datalogger using DDNS

Getting Started with CANgate on the dataTaker DT80

Function keys on the DT80, DT85, and DT80M
When you create yo…

7th Jun 2016

dataTaker DT800 Introduction Series 1

Introduction for the Initial Hardware Setup on the dataTaker DT800
Quick Introduction Around deLogger on the dataTaker DT800
Introduction for Connecting deLogger on the dataTaker DT800

dataTaker DT800 Introduction

7th Jun 2016

Instructional Video Playlist

How to Setup Wiring and Connections on the dataTaker DT500
How to Create a Connection to the Logger on the dataTaker DT500
How to Confirm a Connection to the Logger on the dataTaker DT500
How to Wire and Program a Thermocoupl…

20th Jun 2016

This is a set of videos covering firstly general use of the TPS systems with particular reference to the TPS 90FL-T, then the calibration procedures of each of the sensors including some comments about their operation and storage etc. and finally a sh…

2nd Jun 2016

Possible Household Sources of Radiation

Smoke Detectors: Some smoke detectors contain a sealed radioactive isotope as part of the smoke sensing mechanism. There is no danger to the individual if the container in sealed. They are labeled.

Camping Lantern Mantles: In…

20th Jun 2016

This device requires 8 GB of data storage per day. The recommended data drive used is the Kingstone Traveller Thumb drive, a 64 GB drive will provide a week of data.

An Excel program (zip) to convert dB to Pascal and back... The conversion of dB to Pa…

20th Jun 2016

Confirm that an industrial site meets EPA site requirements with regard to noise

Need to measure and log sound?_

The EPA dictates that the average noise generated by any site i.e. LeqA is no more than 6 dB higher during the day and 3 dB higher than the background n…

2nd Jun 2016

TSI 8530 DustTrack

View a table of relative particle sizes by Engineering Toolbox.

Additional Resources

TSI Particle Sizes

20th Jun 2016

How to use the TSI Q-TRAK IAQ Monitor CO2, CO Temperature and Humidity Logger

Providing a comfortable, safe and healthy indoor environment is an increasingly important concern. Good air quality increases concentration and productivity. It can…

6th Jun 2016

Power Usage and Quality Measurements Made Easy

Power Demand and Power Quality Loggers are very effective tools that enable you to:
• Discover where and when power is being used
• Uncover poor power quality that will cause equipment to fail
• Rev…

6th Jun 2016

Power Consumption Confirmation
A customer wanted to check current power usage in order to make arrangements for future expansion. To do this, the customer used the CHK Power logger PM30.