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11th Jul 2016

The 500 companies subject to taxation on carbon emissions are generally well experienced in what to do about mitigating the cost. One of the strategies will be to pass on the tax burden to other businesses, the public sector, and the private individual. For business and public sector users this prov…

8th Jun 2016

Note: the external input does not count pulses but it does return the pulse rate per minute

• Provides Continuous Use with Plug-in Battery Pack
• Unique Joystick Tuning Button Adjusts Flash Rate, Multiply by 2 and Divide by 2
• Rapid a…

8th Jun 2016

Debug a mechanical insertion equipment
The customer had an automatic insertion system on a production line, there were intermittent quality problems with the output. The Motionscope was used to carefully observe the automatic pin insertion machine. The video images…

17th Jun 2016

How to Setup and Operate the Olympus Series C Industrial Videoscope

17th Jun 2016

Features of the Olympus IPLEX NX Industrial Videoscope

Various applications for the Olympus IPLEX NX Industrial Videoscope

An Overview of the IPLEX Stereo Measurement Mode

An Overview of the IPLEX Stereo Measurement

2nd Jun 2016


How do you measure stream flow?
Quick stream flow measuring is best done with a water current meter to measure water current velocity. Stream flow measuring is easily accomplished using a water current meter and a tape measure…

3rd Jun 2016

Gutermann Aquascope 3 Leak Locator Training Video

These systems listen for the sound of a leak. They have a digital signal processing designed to remove electrical noise and provide the operator with only the sound of the leak. The system includes both gro…

3rd Jun 2016

Introduction to the CScope CATXDSGV-KIT Cable and Pipe Locator

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User Manual (pdf)

3rd Jun 2016

Setting up a Tour & Andersson Scope Balancing Meter

Victaulic at AHR Expo 2011- TA Scope Demo

28th Apr 2016