Svantek SV100 Whole Body Vibration Analyser

Whole Body Vibration Test Procedure

  1. Load Svantek software and driver
  2. Plug the SV100 into the PC
  3. Run the SvanPC+ software
  4. Click 'Update RTC' (To Sync the clocks) Then OK
  5. Clock 'Setup editor' Set the following:
    a. Click 'Return all settings to default'
    b. Click Logger :VDV
    c. Mode: Simple dosimeter
    d. Standard: English
    e. Alarm: Both Off
  6. to be continued......

This is the Whole Body Vibration Good Practice Guide. This document details the testing methodology.

To access the software you need to install the driver and install the Svantek software. You connect the instrument to the PC via the USB adapter. The USB connector also powers the SV100.

Additional Resources

Technical Specifications (pdf)