Profound Vibra Ground Vibration Logger

How to Setup a Profound VIBRA and Download Results

Accessories List
2x CD with software
1x Geophone
1x Geophone Right Angle Bracket
1x Geophone Stand Mount
1x Geophone Washer & Bolt
1x Spanner
1x Screw Driver
1x Alarm Module with Flashing Light
1x USB interface cable

This system replaces the ARL,EL-235 systems. It is a waterproof unit which can be configured from the front panel. The unit operates for 28 days from 2x D Cell batteries. It is very easy to configure. When left in outdoor situations it can be left in the transit case. The customer would need to supply their own padlock for the case and their own chain to secure the instrument. The instrument is water proof when only the geophone is connected. The connection to the alarm is NOT via a water proof connector. So when the alarm is used it would be advisable to leave the instrument in the road case. The road case has a ‘lip’ that allows the cables to run out of the case so the Geophone can be appropriately located and the alarm can be put in a prominent position.