Pruftechnik Rotalign Ultra Laser Shaft Alignment

Introduction to the Pruftechnik Rotalign Ultra Laser Shaft Alignment System

Laser Shaft Alignment 1 (PRÜFTECHNIK)

High end modular alignment system, extendable to all advanced shaft and geometric applications

This cutting-edge system possesses a large high resolution full VGA TFT colour display making information easily readable in low light environments or sunlight conditions. ROTALIGN Ultra, the number 1 tool in alignment features concise navigations keys, a very user-friendly and intuitive interface, a heavy duty Li-ion rechargeable battery plus an ergonomic design. This high-performance system incorporates exclusive measurement modes that provide very accurate results for any application, and enables simultaneous live monitoring of both vertical and horizontal machine corrections. Specialist analysis tools like the soft foot diagnostic tool have also been integrated for an accurate assessment of the machine condition.

ROTALIGN Ultra at a glance...
• Full VGA TFT sunlight readable colour screen and backlit alphanumeric keyboard
• Aligns horizontal, vertical, and flanged mounted machines
• Aligns coupled and uncoupled shafts
• Aligns entire trains of up to 14 machines
• Aligns cardan and spacer shafts
• Soft foot measurement, diagnosis, and correction
• Thermal growth evaluation
• Wireless Communication and USB interface for PC and printer
• Heavy-duty lithium-ion rechargeable battery
• Different measurement modes to suit any application
• TolChek-automatic evaluation of alignment condition
• Fixed feet selection resolves base-bound and bolt-bound problems
• Intelligent word completion
• Patented single beam technology for laser adjustment
• Rigid pre-assembled universal brackets
• Windows based PC software for job set-up, archival and reporting

The biggest contribution for improving operating costs is to align them correctly in the first place
Poorly aligned shafts are responsible for many machine problems: Tests have shown that incorrect alignment is the cause for around 50% of machine breakdowns. When misaligned, the loading of shafts dramatically increases due to the reaction forces created within the coupling.

Alignment Effects
Poor alignment or misalignment is the name given if the centrelines of two shafts don’t run in the same axis.

Poor alignment means:
Premature bearing, seal, shaft, and coupling failures
High Bearing and coupling temperatures
Excessive vibration
Looseness of foundation bolts
The breaking (or cracking) of shafts at, or close to the inboard
High power consumption

Only 7% of measured machines within acceptable tolerances
A survey conducted by one of the world's leading rotating equipment service organisations shows that less than 10% of the 160 machines randomly chosen for measurement were found to be aligned within acceptable limits. Under which category do your machines fall?

Are your machines aligned within the specified tolerances?
The effect of increased coupling loading due to misalignment can readily be shown using infrared thermography. Not only does the flexible element coupling heat up, but the machines also develop elevated temperatures, particularly around the bearing housings.

Infrared thermograms courtesy of Infraspection institute

The resulting downtime, production loss and repair result in high costs. Precise alignment of shafts not only saves money, but also pays in the long term with trouble-free machine operation.

Alignment Benefits
Advantages at a glance:
• Error free and accurate measurement: No human uncertainties, no bracket sag influence and no reading errors
• Straightforward alignment procedure: System can be used by any operator
• Quick on-screen laser beam adjustment
• Universal precision brackets designed for quick and rigid set-up
• Automatic computation of horizontal and vertical coupling and foot values. Clear graphical representation of the machines with the corresponding foot correction value and direction "Live move" shows updated values and the direction of the correction. Reports generated directly from instrument, in conformity with ISO 9001 documentation requirements

Effects on power consumption
• Eliminates reaction forces and therefore reduces energy consumption
• Significant power savings can be made through accurate alignment

Relation between offset misalignment and mechanical seal life
• Protects the asset and increases the product quality as vibration is reduced to a very low level
• The larger the offset misalignment, the greater the reduction of mechanical seal life

Rate of seal repairs
• Extends machine availability as the Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) increases
• Mechanical seal repairs declined by 65% following the introduction of precision alignment

Rate of pump repairs
• Increases maintenance savings through reduced parts consumption and storage costs
• The rate of repairs was seen to decline as laser shaft alignment became an integral part of the pump repair schedule

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