Fourier Microlog Kit

Quick Setup Instructions

  1. If you do not have an RS232 port available
    1. Insert the USB to RS232 adapter supplied
    2. Found New Hardware Wizard ‘ will appear
    3. It will request ‘Can Windows connected to Windows Update etc…’ Select ‘No, not at this time’ Click Next
    4. It will ask ‘If your hardware came with an installation CD…’ Select ‘Install from a list or specific location’ Click Next
    5. Insert the ‘USB serial converter’ CD
    6. It will ask ‘Search for best driver in these locations’ Select ‘Search removable media (floppy CD-ROM…)’ Click Next
    7. The software will now install It may indicate that the software has not passed the ‘Windows Logo testing…’ Click ‘Continue Anyway
    8. When Completed click ‘Finish
  2. Insert the ‘Microlog Deluxe’ CD
  3. A Window will open double click the ‘Microlog Plus ver 1.30’ directory
  4. Double click ‘Setup.exe’ and follow the installation instructions.
  5. Locate the Microlog RECEIVER hardware, the appropriate power supply and the RS232 cable.
  6. Connect the power to the Microlog RECEIVER and connect the RS232 cable to an appropriate port on the PC
  7. Click Start>All Programs>Fourier Systems>Microlog Plus>Microlog Plus.
  8. When Microlog Plus runs it will identify the Microlog RECEIVER
  9. Locate the power supply for the Microlog CRADLE. Locate all 5 Microlog CRADLEs and Microlog RH.Temp Loggers.
  10. Connect the power to the first Microlog Cradle/Logger combination and disconnect the RS232 connection from the Microlog RECEIVER and connect the RS232 to the first Microlog Cradle/Logger combination.
  11. Click Logger>Logger Setup. The software will locate the cradle then the logger.
  12. Check the battery levels of both the Logger and Cradle if they are low they will need to be replaced
    1. Use 3.6V Lithium ½ AA battery
    2. Be VERY careful not to damage the humidity sensor.
  13. Check the battery levels of the Cradle also
  14. This panel allows up to set the sample rate and start time.
  15. Click OK and repeat steps 10~14 for the 5 Loggers
  16. Once all loggers have been configured plug the RS232 cable into the Microlog RECEIVE unit.
  17. All loggers will have their current readings displayed after around 2~3 times the recording interval after the programmed start time.