DataTaker DT80M 5 to 15 Ch Logger includes Built-in Modem

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Getting Started with CANgate on the dataTaker DT80

Function keys on the DT80, DT85, and DT80M
When you create your own program on a DT80, DT85, or DT80M dataTaker datalogger a useful tip is to create functions which are accessible to the user. The following will create a function to Start and Stop the logger and also to modify the function key that copies data from the loggers memory to a memory stick. This is instead of copying the data in the DBD proprietary datataker format, it copies the data as a CSV file which can be directly opened in Excel.

Click the DT80-3 symbol then Keypad functions … the above is the default setup. If you make the following changes:
Add a label ‘Start’ the command is G or runjob'config'
Add a label ‘Stop’ the command is H
Change the ‘Copy logged data’ command from COPYD dest=a: format=dbd archive=y


Change the ‘Copy logged data’ command from COPYD dest=a: format=csv archive=y

Once the program including these changes is uploaded to the logger, when you press the ‘Function’ button on the logger, if you scroll through the available functions you will now have a Start and Stop function available.