ARL-EL-316 Environmental Noise Logger Type-1

Confirm that an industrial site meets EPA site requirements with regard to noise

Need to measure and log sound?_

The EPA dictates that the average noise generated by any site i.e. LeqA is no more than 6 dB higher during the day and 3 dB higher than the background noise in the area.

The ARL,EL316 is one of the few tools capable of measuring the background noise correctly.

(To determine what level the background noise is for your area, follow the N1 & N2 documents provided by the EPA Noise Regulations)

Is your site operating within EPA Noise guidelines?

Have you had complaints about your site's noise level? Worried about the level of noise at your site?

Is your site exceeding EPA noise levels? The ARL EL-316 will measure the level of noise your site produces. The measurement should be compared to the EPA requirements to check if you are within the approved noise levels.

The effectiveness of this tool means the measurements taken by this instrument would be admissible in court, if complaints have been made.