Severn Model Tortus II Floor Slip Tester

This instrument complies with:

AS/NZS 4663:2004. Slip resistance measurements of existing pedestrian surfaces.
Appendix B. Dry Floor Friction Test Method. (In-situ and Lab Testing)

The allowable limits are Notional contribution of the floor surface to the risk of slipping when Dry
• ≥0.40 Moderate to very low
• <0.40 High to very high

The term notional has been used to highlight the need to consider all potential contributing factors to a slip incident.

Note: for a ‘Moderate to very low ‘interpretation, each individual test result shall be equal to or greater than 0.35.

The Tortus II Floor slip tester is the ideal solutions to test your floors to ensure that they are safe for staff to operate on and reduce the risk of slips.